Fonts and Photoshop

So, many of you want to know where I get my cute fonts. Would you believe...they are free? Amanda takes handwriting samples and turns them into real fonts. You get them all here. How fun would it be to have your own font. She has some really great giveaways too, so don't miss out!


OK. Many of you have emailed me that you are interested in making your own backgrounds but, let's be honest. Editing software is just so expensive. Adobe products in general can put you back a couple hundred easily.

This is what I Recommend:

1. Download Adobe Photoshop (either Elements, CS3, or Lightroom) as a trial to get familiar with the product. The trial lasts 30 days.

2. If you decide you like it but can't afford it. Go to The backhelpcenter. Here you can purchase and download Adobe products and many others for 20% the cost.

This is what I bought for $100.00 plus tax

     Photoshop CS3      

Lightroom 2

Can't beat that price. I saved around $1,000! It was totally worth it, and I have loved it for years. Already have editing software, and want learn how to make your own backgrounds? Go here to learn how.

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